Tail Luggage Rack for Honda CRF250 Motorcycles

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Essential heavy-duty luggage accessory for your Honda CRF250M, CRF250L or CRF250 Rally.

The rack is easily installed without bike modification.

Fits these Honda CRF motorcycle models:

Honda CRF250M (2013-2020)
Honda CRF250L (2012-2020)
Honda CRF250 Rally (2017-2020)

NB! Fitment for the new 2021 Honda CRF300L and CRF300 Rally models is not yet confirmed (we're working on it).

Material: durable anodized matte black metal
Item width: ~255 mm (~10.03 in)
Item length: ~385 mm (~15.15 in)
Included: 1 luggage rack + mounting screws and spacers

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